Aging Trees of Knowledge


Aging Trees of Knowledge is a documentary about the lives of five survivors of the World War II era. This film is a historical document preserving the varied experiences of five people from different cultures and nationalities.  Inevitably what binds them together are the horrors of war and the injustices committed by its warriors.

World War II disrupted the lives of millions of people.  Many who survived had to leave their homeland and etch out new lives in foreign nations.  Aging Trees of Knowledge presents the stories of five such individuals.

An Immigrant’s Story
Janina Nomeika, the filmmaker’s grandmother, relates her journey through wartime Germany and then coming to America.

Resistance Fighter
An examination of the horror of the Japanese invasion of China also known as the “Forgotten Holocaust” and the heroism of people like Dr. I-Cheng Chang.

From Austria to China
In a story of friendship and loyalty that crosses political barriers, the Weinbach family was saved from the Holocaust by a Nazi general.

Child Survivor
Inge Auerbacher relates her experiences as a child during the Holocaust.  Auerbacher’s father was a decorated and disabled German war veteran, but because he was Jewish, his family was evicted to Terezin concentration camp.

My Legacy
Gittel Jaskulski realized that she was a Holocaust survivor only as an adult.  She reflects on the long lasting impact the Holocaust had on her life.

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