Rochester Filmmaker to Produce Special Needs Revolt, an Action Comedy Featuring Actors with Disabilities

ROCHESTER, NY, JANUARY 6, 2023 — Rochester filmmaker Adrian Esposito, who himself has autism, has launched a fundraising campaign for SPECIAL NEEDS REVOLT, an action comedy film to feature characters with developmental disabilities fighting for their rights in a dystopian society. This is Esposito’s third narrative feature, all of which have included actors and characters with disabilities. Esposito, under his production banner Espocinema, has also directed and edited numerous documentaries in social topics and independent filmmaking. His films such as CLOWNS IN THE WOODS, BURY MY HEART WITH TONAWANDA, GREETINGS FROM TROMAVILLE, and DIFFABILITY HOLLYWOOD have played in festivals around the world and have been distributed on disc and to streaming services like Prime Video and iTunes.

SPECIAL NEEDS REVOLT is an action comedy set in a future dystopia, where a tyrannical regime has put people with disabilities into institutions. The main character is Billy Bates, a young man with Down syndrome, who joins a rebellion against America’s cruel dictator. The film addresses issues that are very much on the minds of many developmentally disabled adults — the desire to be portrayed as functional adults, with the full range of adult emotions and desires. It is also a very incisive, funny political comedy, full of exciting and visceral action.

SPECIAL NEEDS REVOLT is assembling a cast of talented actors. In the film’s lead is Nolan Tierce, one of the stars of Espocinema’s previous film, CLOWNS IN THE WOODS. Arlowe Price, last seen as a demented clown in CLOWNS IN THE WOODS, will be playing Manatee Lover, a rebel with a fascination for aquatic mammals. Cult film favorite Bill Weeden (SGT. KABUKIMAN, N.Y.P.D.) will be playing President Kruger, the narcissist dictator who has put those with disabilities into institutions and is determined to “make America straight again.” The production also has letters of intent from Lynn Lowry (THE CRAZIES, SHIVERS, CAT PEOPLE), Mark Torgl (THE TOXIC AVENGER), and Lloyd Kaufman of Troma Entertainment to appear in supporting roles. 

The writers are Adrian Esposito (Clowns in the Woods, Bury My Heart with Tonawanda), Bill Weeden (the award-winning musical Move It and It’s Yours) and Curt Markham (Clowns in the Woods, Saberfrog, Ragdoll Assassin). Also behind the camera is Eric Fox (SyFy channel’s Face-Off) who will be involved in special make-up effects. Filmmaker Greg Lamberson (Slime City, Killer Rack, Johnny Gruesome, Widow’s Point, Guns of Eden) will serve as a film consultant. 

Esposito is a spokesperson for self-advocates, helping the world accept people with disabilities as capable and thus seeing their disabilities as “diffabilities.” The topic of disability representation is close to Esposito’s heart, since he has autism. His life experiences bring a unique perspective to his films that resonate with many people facing similar challenges in life. Esposito feels that his autism works well with his filmmaking. “People with this disorder tend to hyper focus on an area of interest, my interest area has always been movies,” he says.

Contributors to the crowdfunding campaign are eligible to receive roles as featured extras in the film, videos, posters and even producer credits. For the campaign video and a full list of perks and ways to contribute, visit the Indiegogo link here:

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Clowns in the Woods Premieres on Streaming!

Clowns in the Woods premieres on streaming this week! Here’s your chance to see vengeful clowns from beyond the grave in the comfort of your own home! See the links for Youtube, Google Play, and Amazon Prime Video below.

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Clowns in the Woods coming to streaming

We at Espocinema are excited to announce that Indie Rights will be distributing Clowns In The Woods to streaming platforms in the upcoming months. These streamers may include Itunes, Amazon Prime (purchase and rental), Youtube puchase and rental, Tubi TV, and others.

There has been a lot of demand to see Clowns In The Woods, and we’re looking forward to unleashing it upon the world! For our fans, keep in mind that it takes months to put together what are called “deliverables.” That means preparing captions, multiple poster and promotional images, DVD and Blu-Ray covers, authoring DVD and Blu-Ray files, optimized video of the feature and trailer for UHD and HD, and many metadata documents.

Once we deliver files to Indie Rights, it will be in their hands to get the film out to streaming and home video. We’ve had a great relationship in the past, with films like Diffability Hollywood, Greetings from Tromaville, and Bury My Heart with Tonawanda. We’re looking forward to working with them again.

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