Bury My Heart With Tonawanda

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Steve Blum as John Harrison and Gary Sundown as Jay Tall Oak

Bury My Heart With Tonawanda tells the story of John Harrison, a developmentally disabled boy who is rejected by his own family, but accepted and nurtured into adulthood by the Tonawanda Seneca Nation.

Clayton Logan as Chief Red Skye and Steve Blum as John Harrison

The film teaches us about Seneca culture, beliefs, and myths. The Seneca believe that children like John, who has Downs Syndrome, are sent to us as messengers and teachers, and therefore treat him with compassion.

Above all, the story reveals the positive effects of love and respect and challenges our historical stereotypes about Native Americans.

Michael Rice as young John Harrison

The film is endorsed by and stars many from the Tonawanda Indian Reservation including their tribal elders. For this reason, the film becomes a piece of living history–a testament to the past but also depicting a nation intent on preserving its culture, traditions and language for the future.

Adrian Esposito in a cameo role as one of the B.I.A. agents

The film is written, produced and edited by Adrian Esposito, who himself has a developmental disability — Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of Autism.  Only 24 years old, he has already made four feature documentaries.

Director Gary Sundown in his role as Jay Tall Oak

Director Gary Sundown is a Seneca Indian from the Tonawanda Reservation.  He has acted in several film and television productions, including Terrence Malick’s The New World, Washington: Man of Decision, The Cherry Hill Massacre and The War that Made America (PBS).    He was enthusiastic about directing the film as it presents the Seneca Nation positively and accurately.

Executive Producer Kristina Nomeika

Kristina Nomeika, executive producer, is Adrian’s mother and a retired rehabilitation counselor.  She took on this project primarily to support her son’s creative efforts and to  honor the Seneca Nation.  She saw the enthusiasm of everyone involved and knew that the film and its message needed to be heard.  She also endorsed the project because she knew that it would give many participants a creative opportunity for personal growth.

Bury My Heart With Tonawanda has been screened at many festivals and has won several awards.  The film is currently being submitted to other festivals.
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Rochester Premiere:

Our Rochester, NY, premiere on June 27th 2013 was a huge success! We screened to a sold out crowd at the Memorial Art Gallery. We were very sorry to see people turned away, but it gives us encouragement that there is an interested audience for the film.  Many thanks to the people of Ganondagan and the MAG who made this event possible.

14 thoughts on “Bury My Heart With Tonawanda

  1. I am a co-worker and friend of one of the stars of this film and have been a fan of Mr. Esposito’s since I saw his We Can Shine documentary a few years ago. I had the pleasure of crossing paths with him in our daily travels and I will continue to follow his career with anticipation. Keep it up!

  2. I saw this film recently at the Self Advocacy Conference in Albany, NY. I have known the writer of this film for a few years, saw his other film We Can Shine and knew I would like this film as well. I was not disappointed! It is very moving and a must see for everyone!

  3. Our group, the Madison County self advocacy group bought the movie at the Annual SA conference held in Albany. Several group members watched it and came back with the idea to show it in our community to help raise acceptance awareness. We will be having “Movie Night” at a local church in April and will serve popcorn and water.

    • Robin, I am glad that you liked the film. Please let us know how your “Movie Night” goes and if there are any reviews of the movie. We would appreciate some written reactions.
      Thanks, Kristina Executive Producer of Bury My Heart with Tonawanda.

  4. I have lived just outside of the Tonawanda reservation all my life & have a hand full of friends that live there. I patronize their shops &fueling stations often. Just today I Watched
    Bury my heart with Tonawanda on amazon prime.What an awesome story of compassion & hope in these troubled times in which we live.

  5. I just saw this film on Amazon Prime. I was so touched by the powerful message. I have tried to find the gravesite of John Harrison but have not found a clue. Is his gravesite public? I would love to visit.

  6. The grave-site was created on someone’s property and was not real. Thanks for your response to the movie, we really appreciate it.

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