Diffability Hollywood


Diffability Hollywood is a documentary about the history of people with disabilities in entertainment, how things have changed and still can improve. One of filmmaker Adrian Esposito’s main goals in making this film is to have people with disabilities portrayed in a less stereotypical way and to advocate for more inclusion of writers, directors and actors with disabilities into the movie industry. Adrian has autism and is a spokesperson for self advocates helping the world accept people with disabilities as capable and thus seeing their disabilities as “diffabilities.”

Interviewees include:

  • Chris Burke (Life Goes On)
  • Danny Woodburn (Seinfeld)
  • Emily Kingsley, writer for Sesame Street
  • Edward Barbanell (The Ringer)
  • Gail Williamson, talent manager for actors with disabilities
  • Jamie Brewer (American Horror Story)
  • Joey Travolta, founder of Inclusion Films
  • Johnny Knoxville (The Ringer, Jackass)
  • John Paizis, founder and director of Performing Arts Studio West
  • Katherine Crawford (Graceland)
  • Lauren Potter (Glee)
  • Lawrence Carter-Long, public affairs specialist for the National Council on Disability in Washington, DC
  • Mary Rings, founder and teacher at Born to Act Players

As a filmmaker with autism, disability representation is close to Adrian’s heart. He is a spokesperson for self-advocates, helping the world accept people with disabilities as capable. Adrian’s seven films have earned him international recognition, including the 2015 NYSARC Self Advocate of the Year Award and the L.A. Red Nation Film Festival Courage Award.


So let’s get the word out—let’s see people with disabilities as capable and their disabilities as “diffabilities.”

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