Inner Healing: Journey With Native Trees of Knowledge


Autistic since childhood, filmmaker Adrian Esposito and his family have searched for a cure for his autism all of his life.  One day, Adrian accidentally stumbled upon some reel to reel tapes of Cherokee healer and visionary, Rolling Thunder in his mother’s basement. Impressed by Rolling Thunder’s teachings, he questioned whether native American medicine men and healers could help him find a cure or at least help him deal with troublesome symptoms of his autism.

This documentary is the story of his journey to find the answer to that question.  He traveled across America and Canada interviewing native American healers and elders.

All along, he shares his impressions with his therapist, Laurence Sugarman M.D. who interjects information about the medical aspects of autism.

This film is a must for all parents, teachers and those living within the scope of developmental disabilities.

It will transform the viewer’s opinions on autism and developmental disabilities. It will help anyone suffering from emotional distress.  Ultimately, it will help all of us realize that we have choices and that we can find balance and peace with ourselves, the earth, and one another.



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