Espocinema’s Newest Documentary!

The Rochester Lithuanians cover image

Espocinema’s latest documentary is now available for streaming

on Amazon Prime and Vimeo!

Amazon Prime:;


This documentary was commissioned and funded by the Lithuanian Heritage Society of Rochester, NY. The story is told by descendants of Rochester Lithuanian’s, its current members and is narrated by Ray Kirstein Jr., directed by Kristina Nomeika, a member of the Society who also grew up in this community and edited by her son, Adrian Esposito. It follows the stories of Lithuanian immigrants as they establish their community, church and businesses in Rochester, NY. The Rochester Lithuanians document their stories from their initial arrival in the 1900’s to the present day. We follow them through World War I and World War II. We hear of the experiences of the “Displaced Persons” as they fled their homeland, arrived in America and settled in Rochester, NY. The film includes footage and explanation of Lithuanian traditions and celebrations. The Director’s Cut is on Vimeo and includes biographical information about notable Rochester Lithuanian artists, musicians and leaders. The Amazon version is a thorough historical document but excludes the biographical clips. The Rochester Lithuanians is essentially the story shared by many immigrants coming to America. The film helps us appreciate the contribution that immigrants make to the diversity and fabric of America.
To obtain a physical copy of the film please contact Sue Jenkins:

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