Liberation Unit

On May 4th, 1945, the 71st Division of the Third Army liberated Gunskirchen Lager, a carefully concealed German concentration camp north of Lambach, Austria.   In recent years, many survivors of Gunskirchen have joined with the 71st Division for an annual reunion. As time passes, soldiers and survivors alike want their stories told.

“Liberation Unit” details the horrors of that experience for everyone involved.  The film’s main message is to validate the occurrence of the Holocaust and remind people that the liberties we experience today came at a cost to millions. It also tells us that history will undoubtedly test us again as tyrants come in  different guises in every generation.  It will be up to us to fight for our liberty.

Filmmaker Adrian Esposito was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at a young age and has faced many educational and social barriers.  Through his self determination and passion for film, he is gradually moving forward with his goals.   For his film “We Can Shine: From Institutions to Independence,” he was honored as Best Young Documentary Filmmaker by the Breaking Down Barriers Film Festival in Moscow. The film also won as Best Documentary at the Buffalo-Niagara Film Festival and Best of Fest at the Love Unlimited Film Festival.  “Liberation Unit” is his fourth documentary feature.

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