Clowns in the Woods talk on Off Beat Cinema

See an interview with writer/director Adrian Esposito, speaking about the upcoming release of CLOWNS IN THE WOODS! Tune in to OFF BEAT CINEMA on April 9 at midnight, when the main feature will be classic The Giant Spider Invasion. Also on the show: Greg Lamberson of the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival.

Look for the show on April 9 at midnight on these fine platforms:

In Buffalo: WBZZ TV (MeTV) channel 67

In Rochester: WBTV (MyTV) channel 18 (over the air), Spectrum 1215


Off Beat Cinema promises to show you “the movies that must be shown” – the good, the bad and the foreign. Hosted by a cast of whacked-out beatniks in the Hungry Ear Coffee House, a poetry basement located somewhere beneath Buffalo, NY.Off Beat Cinema airs on television stations throughout North America on the retroTV Network and other independent stations.

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